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Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty

Is it a Samsung warranty? The previous reviewer called Samsung and their rep said it isn't, but did their tech rep have correct information?
HassleFreeCell says they provide a 90 day warranty.
So I chatted with an Amazon rep, and he was quite clear, but did he know anything? You will have to judge.
Here is his reply:
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Me:Concerning Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty (Blue)
What are the warranty details? Is this a Samsung warranty?
Deepak :Hello, my name is Deepak. I'll be happy to help you.
Deepak :yes. it will be honored by the manufacturer.
Me:Is it a one year warranty?
Deepak :Yes.
Me:That is all. thank you.
Deepak :Thanks for visiting We hope to see you again soon. Happy Holidays!

Edit 1/12/2012
I noticed today that there seems to be an issue with this phone since price has jumped to $900 and there may be a 1-2 month delay on shipment. Maybe Amazon realized that they had not made ade…

Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB (Unlocked)

Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB Everyone needs to realize the price of this phone is average for a brand new phone that's unsubsidized. I paid this much for my Nexus One when it came out. You have an option here, either you can buy it from Verizon for $199.99 with a 2 year contract and only be able to use it on verizon (Not bad if you're already with verizon) however if you want to use this phone with AT&T or T-Mobile then you will have to buy the GSM unlocked version which is unsubsidized. Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB The benefit of this is you can use it on any carrier that has the correct bandwidths (Pretty much an GSM carrier) in any country. So if you're with AT&T now, you can buy the phone, have full data service but later if your decide to go to T-Mobile you can take your phone with you, exchange sim cards and ta-da...your phone works again, with full 4G data service on T-Mobile as well.

Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB
So, there's a plus…