Is it a Samsung warranty? The previous reviewer called Samsung and their rep said it isn't, but did their tech rep have correct information?
HassleFreeCell says they provide a 90 day warranty.
So I chatted with an Amazon rep, and he was quite clear, but did he know anything? You will have to judge.
Here is his reply:
You are now connected to Deepak from
Me:Concerning Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty (Blue)
What are the warranty details? Is this a Samsung warranty?
Deepak :Hello, my name is Deepak. I'll be happy to help you.
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty
Deepak :yes. it will be honored by the manufacturer.
Me:Is it a one year warranty?
Deepak :Yes.
Me:That is all. thank you.
Deepak :Thanks for visiting We hope to see you again soon. Happy Holidays!

Edit 1/12/2012
I noticed today that there seems to be an issue with this phone since price has jumped to $900 and there may be a 1-2 month delay on shipment. Maybe Amazon realized that they had not made adequate provisions for how to provide warranty service? Anyway, it looks like for now only the non warranty Samsung Note is available Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone.Since this phone is about $150 cheaper, it is likely the way to go.
Edit 1/19/2012
There may be a BIG PROBLEM with updates for this phone including Ice Cream Sandwich.
Samsung is DENYING that they will provide any updates for ANY US unlocked phones.
Amazon appears to be admitting this. For more, see Customer Discussions (at the bottom of this product page below).
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty
The phone back is a dark navy blue.

The phone fits easily in all my pants pockets (jeans and dress). The HTC Amaze feels like a brick in my pocket, and the Samsung Note is slightly heavier, but feels MUCH lighter - maybe this is because it is so thin. It fits in my medium size man-hands, but I would not want it any larger. I have never dropped a phone, but I am worried for the first time (see Cases, below).

Big and beautiful. What else can I say?

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty - This was a main reason I got this phone because I always used a stylus for typing accuracy on my old Palm (4 inch screen) and my Sony P1i (2.6 inch screen). When I tried out phones with 4.3 inch screens I was not able to type accurately. Surprise! I find that I can type as fast with my finger since the 5.3 inch screen is so big, and I can go slightly faster with Swype. Voice recognition is much better than I expected and for everyday words is the fastest method of text entry. So my stylus sits unused.
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty
Clock app
A Samsung clock app comes with the phone. It is not well documented that you are required to select the icon at the top right of the screen to prevent the screen from timing out. The clock allows a pre-alarm of nature sounds to help wake up.

FM Radio
At least this version of the Samsung Note does have an FM radio and here in Indianapolis it receives about 30 stations. Correction: It DOES have RDS (I just had it turned off), and you can rename stations. As with all phones, headphones are required to act as the antenna.

The note comes with a set of ear-bud phones with microphone. Ear-bud phones depend on a good ear seal which can vary from person to person. I get a good seal and I find them adequate for casual listening.
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty
Both the "iZel Innovative Hands-free Stand" and the "iCarpus Stand" fit the Note and hold it securely on a bedside table. Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty The Motorola wall charger works well, but is larger than the Samsung charger.

I first bought a cheap TPU case and was disappointed with the thin non resilient plastic which I think won't provide enough protection if dropped. I then bought a TPU Gel case - the kind with an "S" design on the back. Despite the name, this is not resilient either, but it has rough edges on either side to give a much better grip to prevent dropping. I have now changed to a Armor Dual Layer Cover sold by It has a hard plastic outer layer and a soft silicone inner layer with extra protection on each corner, and it is very elegant with a red back and black accented sides. This should give significant impact protection, but it is slightly bulkier than the TPU cases although it still fits in my pockets.

Phone Plan
This is a GSM phone so it will only work with T-Mobile and AT&T here in the US. It has been claimed that AT&T apparently will work with 4G data on this phone. T-Mobile's frequencies currently allow only 2G data (but it has been reported that with the failure of the AT&T takeover, T-Mobile may gain access to 4G data). Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty However, consider if you need data. At home, work and almost every hotel I have access to wifi, and I use a TomTom for directions. Since I don't use a lot of voice minutes, I happily use T-Mobile prepaid (pay as you go). The 100 dollar prepaid card (1000 minutes/text messages, but no data) is good for one year and as long as I buy a new card before the end of the year, the minutes roll over.
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty
Update 1/5/12 (10 days use):
I still think that this is the best phone for someone who needs a large screen. The only bad thing I can say is that I find the phone slippery, but with a case this is not a problem.
Battery life has been better than I expected - great. I typically make a call, check email numerous times and view the internet for 1 hr. I have gps enabled. Also I am in a weak cell signal area which increases the power draw on the battery. I write this as I am plugging it in for the night and the remaining battery is still an amazing 79%! The only time I had a problem was when I had installed and then deleted several apps. I thought that everything was OK until several hours later I discovered I had only 8% battery remaining (I shut it down, charged it and then restarted and everything was again fine).

Update 1/13/12:
Why get an unlocked phone?
This decision is best based on individual circumstances. In my case I mostly email and don't call or text much. In fact I can get by on a $100/1000 min prepaid card for a whole year. Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty I find that I can use wifi for all my data use (at home, at work, at Meijer food stores, at my Honda dealer, at my Dad's house, etc). Let's say that AT&T has a contract price of $300 for the Note, and suppose you decide to get the AT&T Note on contract. So lets compare costs between you and me . . .

$300 Samsung Note contract AT&T cost + (per month) $40 voice + $25 2G data + $20 texts + $10 tax
Total for first year = $1440
Total for second year =$1140

$750 Samsung Note phone + 100/1000 min + free wifi where I can find it (most places).
Total for first year = $850
Total for second year = $100
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty
I have effectively paid off my phone in less than one year (compared to you) so I could throw my phone in the trash and buy a new phone next year while you are still stuck on a 2 year contract!
Of course, the numbers will vary depending on the person, so you will have to calculate the difference based on your circumstances.

Edit 1/19/2012
There may be a BIG PROBLEM with updates for this phone including Ice Cream Sandwich.
Samsung is DENYING that they will provide any updates for ANY US unlocked phones.
For more, see Customer Discussions (at the bottom of this product page below).
I have consequently reduced the rating from 5 to 4 stars.

FINAL EDIT 1/27/12
Sigh. I am sad. I sent the phone back for a refund even though I love it! It is important to me to be able to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), and I have come to the conclusion that Samsung will NOT upgrade any "US unlocked" phone. Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Cellphone--US Warranty I may decide to get the AT&T version of the Note due out Feb 18, 2012, but then I will have to sign a 2 year contract. Because of the confusion concerning Samsung support for this phone, Amazon was very good about getting me a fast refund. 5 stars for the phone, 5 stars for Amazon, but 0 stars for Samsung's TERRIBLE US support.
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Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB Everyone needs to realize the price of this phone is average for a brand new phone that's unsubsidized. I paid this much for my Nexus One when it came out. You have an option here, either you can buy it from Verizon for $199.99 with a 2 year contract and only be able to use it on verizon (Not bad if you're already with verizon) however if you want to use this phone with AT&T or T-Mobile then you will have to buy the GSM unlocked version which is unsubsidized. Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB The benefit of this is you can use it on any carrier that has the correct bandwidths (Pretty much an GSM carrier) in any country. So if you're with AT&T now, you can buy the phone, have full data service but later if your decide to go to T-Mobile you can take your phone with you, exchange sim cards and ta-da...your phone works again, with full 4G data service on T-Mobile as well.

Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB
Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB
So, there's a plus side and down side to both. You can make the choice, but don't rate the phone poorly because you don't think it's a good deal because you can get it cheaper by being put under contract. 
1. Incredibly sexy: thin but not too thin, slightly contoured, more rigid than other Samsung Android devices thanks to the internal metal frame
2. Large, bright, detailed screen. However it doesn't come off as huge due to minimal bezel and the use of the bottom portion of the screen for contextual soft-keys. The screen uses a pentile-matrix configuration, but the pixel density is so good that you really can't notice unless you look very closely and even then it's difficult to tell. The blacks melt into to the bezel beautifully and the colors pop.
3. You get the very latest version of Android, with instant updates from Google. I have grown to despise carrier/OEM UI skins and their accompanying OS update delays. The Android 4.0 UI is a huge upgrade and behaves much much better, making such carrier/OEM skins even less desirable. The interface seems to have been reworked from the ground up for smooth, responsive operation. Transitions are slick, and apps run great. I haven't had app compatibility issues some others have mentioned; some games haven't been updated for 4.0 yet but most apps I use work fine. The whole experience is leaps and bounds over any prior version of Android. 4.0 seems made for this phone and works perfectly.
4. If you get the unlocked GSM version, it works on any GSM network in the world with up to 21mbps HSPA+ speeds. I bought it overseas and popped in a $30/mo T-Mobile SIM and it works perfectly, I get speeds between 3-8mbps in the SF Bay Area, with seamless transitions between EDGE, HSPA/HSPA+. Not to mention no carrier bloatware!
Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB
5. Everything in the OS works great: Wifi hotspot, bluetooth tethering, bluetooth HID (I tried Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad), battery and bandwidth monitoring, music controls on earphones, built-in equalizer, HDMI out over MHL. I am amazed at the relative lack of bugs in the OS given how new it is.
6. The device is relatively easy to take apart (according to and OEM parts are popping up on ebay, so if you break something or something stops working, you can fix it relatively easily and cheaply (except the screen, don't break that! You would have to replace the whole screen/digitizer/housing assembly)
7. Thanks to having a single worldwide GSM model, there are plenty of compatible accessories available already
8. Touch sensitivity on the screen is great. The UI 'sticks' to your finger much closer than other Android devices I've used, though still not *quite* as close as iPhone -- however the iPhone people who have used my phone don't seem to notice. In fact, this is the first Android device I've had where iPhone people don't immediately fault-find when they use it, and seem kind of thoughtful and chagrined instead
9. Battery life seems pretty good for an Android device. Not as good as an iPhone, but I can easily make it through a whole day of moderate-to-heavy use. The removable battery means you can improve the battery life with an extended battery and can replace it when it starts to give out.
Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB

1. Lack of an SD card slot and only 16GB of internal memory. This is the only thing that bothers me. However USB OTG solves part of this problem (with a special cable, you can plug in an external mass storage device -- this does not work currently without a custom firmware, but official support will be included in a future firmware update as confirmed by Google)
2. Screen is scratchable... it's not Gorilla Glass but the point is, even Gorilla Glass scratches given contact with the right material. Order a good screen protector when you order the phone and don't take off the retail packaging screen film until you are ready to put on the screen protector. This will keep your display perfect for years.
3. Screen doesn't seem *quite* as bright as the SGS2 screen, but it's still brighter than any LCD I've used.
4. You can't buy the GSM version with a USA warranty... but if you buy it from a reputable international retailer they will broker your international warranty claims. Eventually you will be able to get the GSM version in the USA with a USA warranty (eg from Amazon)
Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB
5. Some software issues I have noticed: Screen auto-brightness is set too low, camera default processing settings are pretty bad, GPS lock seems a little laggy, native HW-accelerated video codec support seems lacking especially compared with other Samsung Android devices. Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB  All of these will probably improve with updates from Google to the new OS (my own conjecture based on Nexus/Android history)
6. Buying the unlocked GSM version is expensive, and will always be more expensive than buying it subsidized on contract. However no USA carrier has announced they will be carrying the GSM phone, so it may never happen or if it does, you may be waiting a while. I had a hard time parting with the money until I received the phone... but after owning it for a day, any regrets were completely gone. I would pay that money again in a heartbeat

Here are some additional cons if you decide to get the VZW version:
1. Locked down to the VZW USA network on an expensive monthly plan (about $80/mo minimum, and a $350 ETF) with data caps (2-4GB/mo)
2. LTE kills battery life
3. VZW bloatware installed but can be disabled, they charge an extra $20/mo for wifi hotspot, firmware version disparity with GSM model
4. A little bit fatter and heavier, making it less compatible with accessories for the international GSM version
5. IMHO: you're not really getting the pure experience in terms of the OS, it's sullied by VZW's strong-arm business decisions
Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB
Some pros for the VZW version:
1. You will pay around $200+tax for the device with new/reup contract
2. VZW LTE is crazy fast (but you will hit the data cap that much quicker)
3. USA warranty and carrier support
4. 32GB internal memory

Bottom line: Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB if you like Android, you will love this phone and won't be able to go back to anything else unless you need/want some hardware support outside of these specs (eg. you really prefer a smaller phone, or you really need an SD slot)
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Boost Mobile Blackberry

Boost Mobile Blackberry

Boost Mobile Blackberry Before I became a Boost user, I used to ask myself the question: "Can I use my Boost Mobile Blackberry as a modem for internet on my laptop?". The short answer is, yes. Using a telephone Internet capabilities is important for many people when choosing a phone service. The use of internet on mobile devices is only becoming more common and is not gone.
Boost Mobile to bring your Blackberry as a modem should go a long way to help boost your life with a better service commitment. Here is an overview of how to boost your Blackberry as a modem. You may use any Boost Mobile Blackberry phone as a modem for your laptop, PC or Mac. The Blackberry phones offered by Boost is the Blackberry 8330 and Blackberry Curve 8530 by Boost Mobile - you can both boost phone as a modem for your laptop, PC or Mac.

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Requirements to Boost Blackberry as a modem:

Blackberry Unlimited Plan - $ 60 at June 2011 (if you sign up for Boost Mobile Shrink - this is cheaper)

USB cable for connecting your Blackberry to your laptop, PC or Mac

Internet via Bluetooth - your notebook, PC or Mac to a Bluetooth adapter

Just before June Fabrics PDA or similar program

Boost Mobile Blackberry Most programs will not force you to purchase the software, pop-ups just are haggles you to know that it's time to buy if you are still using. If you plan to use often - I would purchase the licensed version for support.
That is basically in a nutshell. Like I said you can find other programs other than just PDAs out there, the same task of connecting Boost your Blackberry or other device to your computer (s) to access. Look around the internet to see what you think would be best for you.
Boost offers a lot of great features that you can pay for this service - and take out your own Internet account! Yes! You can really do and pay $ 60 or less, which is pretty amazing if you have a little patience. You're not going to get super-fast DSL or Cable internet speeds - 36k-56k instead of connection type. If that kind of speed you already have WiFi in your home. Use the Boost Mobile Blackberry as a modem in the public library, airport, bus, and in the city. It can be a real lifesaver.
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Straight Talk Cell Phones

Straight Talk mobile phones are one of the many prepaid mobile phone deals currently on the market that many people are talking, literally. We have seen a change in recent years, the last two to be exact. This change took place in the way people talk on their mobile phones.
To be more precise, the change has occurred in the way people pay for their mobile phones. More and more people are turning to prepaid phone plans as offered by Straight Talk Wireless and there are two reasons. The first is that people are very wary of large wireless companies charge a lot for too many minutes suspicious payments and termination clauses. Many people start asking themselves why they should be forced to sign a contract for two years.

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The second reason is that prepaid offers are getting better and better as the competition increases and the market swells. Better deals can be good for those of us looking for ways to cut mobile phone costs. It is to save money if you know where to look. Straight Talk mobile phones is available in two, well, 'sizes'. The first dimension is the Unlimited plan, which costs $ 45 per month. This unlimited prepaid phone plan, customers get unlimited talk time, unlimited text messaging, unlimited 411, unlimited, and surf the web.
The web browsing feature is a very nice addition to this phone and a plan that makes much sense today. Much of what people do on their mobile phones these days is done on the internet and for this reason people spend much time surfing the web. There are quite a few phones available for use on this plan, ranging in price from $ 29 to $ 300 approximately.
The other plan is the Straight Talk All You Need Plan, which costs only $ 30 and provides the user with plenty of talk and text. For the monthly fee, customers receive up to 1,000 minutes of talk as a supplement to 1000 SMS messages. They also get 30 MB of data transfer for web browsing. If you want a device that lets you surf the web, a phone to consider is the Samsung Finesse, which is the best phone you can get on the Straight Talk.
Both Straight Talk cell phone options are good for different reasons. If you have a lot of talk time and like to surf the web with your phone, it's unlimited plan makes much sense. If you use less minutes and do not go online much, but like regular text messages, the All You Need Straight Talk prepaid should be enough to send.
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Apple iPhone 4S : Stunning New Smartphone

The arrival of the Apple iPhone 4S is one of the most anticipated events in the mobile phone market. Although there is much speculation about the arrival of this latest model of the generation of smart phones from Apple, this new model is a device that loyal iPhone users are looking forward to buying because of the promise of a new and enhanced mobile phone experience.
The revisions to the new Apple iPhone 4S
The most notable features has been improved in this latest iPhone's hardware installation would. The processor is now a dual core A5 processor, which provides users with a faster and more reliable phone operation. You can effectively multitask on your smart phone without any fear that it might react to end, and will also be a great way to conserve battery life without much effort.

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The graphic chip of the Apple iPhone 4S, the dual-core PowerVR SGX543 chip, what would you get a stable image that was not, and will provide great image quality. If it goes to the display, one will find that the 4S Apple iPhone 3.5 is still in the qualities that have been used in previous iPhone models coverage.
There is no need to worry about these, however, as one will find the new features that this smartphone brings the old features from the previous model asset. One of these new features is the voice activated commands you can use for certain functions. The name Siri, intelligent automated assistant will work to provide you with answers to some questions you can ask and will work best with reminders, sending messages, even making calls, scheduling important meetings or taking notes.
The new and improved camera of the iPhone 4S is also regarded as the best used for mobile phones today. The optics developed will allow you to create beautiful pictures, thanks to the resolution of 8.4 megapixels. It will also allow custom lens that can operate on a larger f/2.4 aperture.
You will not only use a cell phone, a mobile video camera and capture with excellent qualities. This will involve the ability of the Apple iPhone 4SS 'for shooting videos in 1080p HD. This gives you a rich and vibrant videos that you can take. Stabilization will be treated with the best function and installed as video editing, which can be done on site with the included utilities.
The best the iPhone 4S would its users, the new operating software for this device. The IOS ISR is one of the world's most advanced operating system for mobile phones. There were 200 new features that are available to all iPhone users in the world 4S, which will ensure that all applications and uses the smart phone that you used to be done efficiently without any problems.
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