T-Mobile Androids

T-Mobile Androids has an impressive selection of Android phones by about thirteen types available for you to choose from. The myTouch 4G and G2 are remarkable T-Mobile phones for their 4G connectivity and smart design. The Samsung Vibrant is not 4G, but is a light, thin phone with a good, practical functions. I think this is the best Android phones from T-mobile and this article will describe why. The top five characteristics of the myTouch 4G, making this the best T-Mobile Android include:

Fast connections using T-Mobile Androids 4G network (perhaps the largest 4G network in the U.S.)1GHz Snapdragon processor, allowing you to run multiple applications at once while driving quickly between different functionsWi-Fi callingHotspot functionalityPrime finish (metal and ceramic round plastic bezel) The myTouch is available to you in white, black, purple and red. The myTouch has an impressive, large 3.8-inch screen (800 x 480 pixel LCD touch screen) with good visibility, even from the side angles or in direct sunlight. The clarity of the mission is good, with excellent speakerphone. Internet connectivity is fast due to an impressive 4G T-Mobile's HSPA + network, and I consider this to be the strongest feature of the phone. The only other T-Mobile Android to run on 4G networks, the T-Mobile G2. Both devices offer fast download speeds of around 2 Mbps, which is faster than the other major networks.  

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There is also the option with the myTouch to use it as a wireless hotspot or directly to the laptop. Both are easy and quick to set up. Wireless hotspot will cost you an extra ten dollars. The myTouch is currently running on the Android Froyo operating system (ie Android 2.2). It is expected that the upgrade soon to Gingerbread (ie Android 2.3). Although Froyo is not the newest operating system Android is still relatively fresh and brings Flash 10.1 to better surf the web as possible. The interface of the myTouch is highly customizable and comes pre-installed with a wide range of great apps. One drawback to having the preinstalled apps is that you are unable to remove one of them. This tends to screen clutter with some apps that you might not need, but does not alter functionality. That said, if you root your device, you can adjust the phone for your needs, and can remove factory-installed apps. The multimedia options on this phone are brilliant, with 1 GB built in storage, along with an 8GB MicroSD card, you will be ample storage space for all your music and video store. There is a front facing VGA camera for video calling and a 5-mega-pixel camera on the back that are reasonably sharp, high quality photos take. Unless, of a physical keyboard is a high priority for you, the myTouch is the T-Mobile Android for you.

The T-Mobile G2 has a lot of the same features as the myTouch, but has a physical keyboard. The G2 also has a 'vanilla' Google interface, so if that's something you enjoy going to the G2. You might ask what is a 'vanilla' Google interface. Just quietly, it is the standard user interface on the Android operating system. Most of the manufacturers build their unique user interface which sits on top of the Android version. The only downside to this is that the manufacturer overlays overlays need to be updated for new versions of Android. It takes longer to complete the upgrade. Many users also prefer the 'vanilla' version of a cosmetic standpoint.
If they have a physical light and thin phone, it is important to you, then the Samsung Vibrant is your best option. It's a great phone, but beware: this is not 4G.

T-Mobile Android whatever you choose, you may be interested to know that T-Mobile currently has an unlimited talk, text and data specifically that a total of $ 80 per month in a row. Similar plans will cost you $ 110 on Sprint and Verizon $ 120, so, T-Mobile price plans are very competitively priced.


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