Sony Ericsson Mini - Web Features

Have you always been interested in the web features of the Sony Ericsson Mini and the Pro version? We can not blame them. After all, these features are just as important as conventional phone features like SMS and phone calls. Get to know more about the web capabilities of this compact smartphone to know.
These days, cell phones can surf the World Wide Web. The current browsers have evolved from yesterday's limited WAP capabilities. On a 3G network, you get more pleasure from high-speed Internet. This simply means that the pages on websites will load instantly. This is exactly what this compact unit has to offer. It comes preinstalled with the WebKit web browser. This will allow you more to enjoy full Internet browsing. It comes with support for standard Internet protocols. It also supports streamed videos and photos found on the net. This simply means that you get just a website.
True, cell phones can be just about any website on the Internet. However, phones come with portable displays. With this portable screens, you would just staring to view content on a webpage. On the Sony Ericsson Mini will never be a problem. You can pan and zoom in on every page. This will allow you to read even more articles. This will also allow you to view images and enjoy all the rich details of the 3-inch LED backlit LCD phone capacitive touchscreen. In addition, this screen allows you to enjoy more high-definition videos.
There will be times when you can not have both hands free to use the phone. You can drive or something that requires both hands. In these cases you need one of your hands to use a portion of the website features make the Sony Ericsson Mini. With Google Voice Search, all you will ever need is your own voice to search for answers on Google Search. You can also use your voice to a contact stored on the memory of the phone call.
Conventional Internet features are also present in the compact smartphone. These include searching for questions about the search giants Google Search popular. All you have to do in an investigation and results will soon follow. You can also add your favorite websites. Finally, you can quickly access the Android Market. This will allow you to download the apps you love. When it comes to Web features, the Sony Ericsson Mini and the Pro version has everything you will ever need.


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