Net10 Phones - A Frugal Prepaid Option

Net10 phones are an economical option for prepaid phones. The reason is that people who pay attention to their accounts are able to save money by Net10 phone service. If you are looking for a new prepaid cell phone plan, then you may have heard of some of the most popular prepaid wireless companies in business today. You may have heard TracFone, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Virgin. Many of these companies are really competing offers and some even have unlimited plans unlimited talk, text messages and surf the web has to offer. Net10 does have an unlimited plan, but it's not the best out there.
But if you use around 150 to 200 minutes per month or just a prepaid phone around for emergencies, then Net10 phones to an option for you. Of course, it depends entirely on where you live and what kind of coverage you get in your area, but generally Net10 has a number of attractive offers.
Net10 phones always take ten cents per minute, hence the name Net10. The cheapest option costs $ 15 Net10 per month. The way it works is you buy a card for 150 minutes talk time (equal to $ 15) and you have 30 days to use it. To continue using Net10 phones, you need to buy another $ 15 card at the end or just before 30 days runs out.
So, for $ 15 per month, Net10 users get 150 minutes talk time used over a period of 30 days. Approximately 150 minutes and if you pay more than that price, you can look at Net10. You'll also find the current Net10 deals online
The more you talk Net10 purchase in advance, the more time you have to use. For example, if you go to 1000 minutes in advance to buy, you pay $ 100 and have 180 days from the service to use. This equates to an average of 166 minutes talk time per month for six months, but you can also use the minutes up quickly and buy a Net10 phone refill card at all times for six months.
So it can train up to 250 minutes per month for 4 months too, which would amount to a $ 25 fee per month ($ 100 divided by 4). It really depends on how much talk time you use. There are many deals on Net10 phones that you can find on the internet. If you are looking for a phone of this company, buying the site is the best option. You get free shipping and the latest offers that can be found. After that point you can actually buy refill your minutes via Net10 phone itself, which may be a simpler solution than you are for online purchases. One of the current deal that is going on right now at all Net10 phones is that they start with 300 minutes that can be used over a period of 60 days.


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