Google's Mobile Phone Is In Offing

The rumor mill is catching up with the news of the search engine Google launching its own mobile phone. We all know that Google products are now available in selected models of mobile phone manufacturers.  Google's Mobile Phone has so far maintained silence over the issue. But still seeing the amount of buzz, it can not go straight to the possibilities of a Google phone launch will be refused. When search giant Google roar, the e-world sounds. But this time the virtual world is responding feverishly with the buzz that Google's own mobile phone, the G-Phone launch. So far, Google has denied that they are planning such things in the near future.
But the reports in the public domain cast all wear signs that Google has its own plan to play in this segment of the mobile phone industry. It was reported that Google is currently in talks with the first and third largest in India telecos, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar, on the Google Phone. Yet it is not attached to another favorite mobile rumor or with vital information.

Again, if one goes by the report of Rediff's India Abroad, Google has plans to invest one billion $ 7-8 in the telephony plot. Google executives are on this mother all say that the company is committed to providing users access to information in the world, and the mobile phone is increasingly important to those efforts every day.
And as the reports from both the BBC and The Wall Street Journal noted that Google has outrightly refused to deny rumors the handset, but rather simply reiterated that its users and partners say they Google and its applications want to be mobile, and it's hard work every day to deliver it.

And in this company - providing Google and Google applications on mobile - LG Electronics (LG), a leading global provider of advanced wireless handsets and accessories, today announced a global collaboration to pre-install Google services on millions of mobile phones LG. The features of LG phones include Google: Google Maps, Gmail and Blogger Mobile.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire came from another report stating that HTC is withdrawn to a Linux-based Gphone to be launched on T-Mobile in the U.S. in early 2008, with Orange getting the exclusive in France and other countries to build.

In an attempt to rumors about a Google phone to suppress. Richard Kimber, Google's Southeast Asia director of sales and operations, said that Google apparently is investing in the software side of things, but it has no interest in entertaining the crowded mobile phone market.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has even waxed rhapsodic about the possibilities of free handsets subsidized by Google ads. As always, rumorus are only rumors, until then we must wait, but it's hard to ignore the amount of buzz that the Gphone's / Google Phone has been given. Google's Mobile Phone Even if the rumor wheel rotates in the right direction and it is the truth, releasing a Google Phone would be a big step for them, because ultimately Google's goal should not be to her own phone, but rather on any phone.


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