Blackberry Range Of Devices Including The Superb Blackberry Bold 9900

Blackberry mobiele telefoon heeft een reputatie opgebouwd als een toonaangevende smartphone met ongeëvenaarde messaging faciliteiten.">The Blackberry mobile phone has a reputation as a leading smart phone with unparalleled messaging facilities. These outstanding properties have seen that the handsets strike a chord with both business users and the younger market who regularly use messaging facilities. So what is the best Blackberry device for you? We take a brief look at the range and highlight the major differences between the models, including the excellent Blackberry Bold 9900.
The Blackberry range can be divided into three different types of models that the Curve, Bold and Torch devices. The Curve is the entry-level devices within range and offer high functionality at an affordable price. One of the most popular phones in this series is the excellent Blackberry Curve 9360 which provides high-speed user with the 800Mhz processor it employs. The 9360 is equipped with a touchscreen, so navigation is left to a very precise optical trackpad, which is sandwiched between the full QWERTY keyboard and 2.5 inch screen. Stepping up a level you will find the Torch models, a series that might be aimed at the younger audience who need both style and has a good price. Theses models are the only ones with a full touch screen QWERTY keyboard hidden below the screen on a slider mechanism to offer. The most popular model is the beautiful Torch 9800, representing a larger 3.2 inch screen with a resolution of 360 x 480. A 624MHz processor ensures that the device operates at a good speed and an excellent range of connectivity options including WiFi and 3G means that social networks are great facilities, an element that is vital to a device aimed at a younger audience.
At the top of the Blackberry range from the impressive Bold devices aimed at the ultimate smartphone experience to deliver. The flagship model in this series is the excellent Blackberry Bold 9900, offering the best quality and design with the slimmest model of only 10.5 mm in depth is. This model provides a capacitive touchscreen display in addition to the familiar QWERTY keyboard, but there is also an optical trackpad is present you must prefer to navigate through this. The 640 x 480 resolution screen offers the highest pixel density in the range of 286 pixels per inch. This exciting unit also uses a powerful 1.2 GHz processor, making it the fastest Blackberry phone currently available. Facilities are impressive camera with 5 mega pixel camera is still accompanied by a video recording function can record images in 720p HD resolution.
Produce a Blackberry mobile phone for just about every kind of consumer fraud. The Curve devices offer great features at a wallet friendly price and the Torch phones will appeal to a younger user thanks to its large touchscreen display. The Bold series features the most advanced technologies and models like the Blackberry Bold 9900 a very good compared to other premium models like the iPhone 4S.


  1. What I like about the BB Bold 9900 is its thin and compact design that makes it the perfect fit for any pocket. It also doesn't compromise when it comes to updated features, such as faster browsing speed and easier mobile payment.

    Samantha Cole


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