Blackberry Bold 9790 And The Blackberry Music Platform

The Blackberry Bold 9790 is the latest mobile phones released by Research In Motion. This new model offers the features that we've grown to love each other BlackBerry devices with a number of interesting new introductions. The release of the device also coincides with an exciting promotion that is run by Blackberry that gives users access to a huge library of audio tracks.
We have recently seen their wonderful Apple launch 12 Days of Christmas application that allows users to download free gifts and Blackberry have followed suit with a giveaway of their own. Blackberry offer six months free subscription to their own music service to users of the Blackberry Bold 9790 and all handsets that a version of the operating system is running 5.0 or higher. This new Blackberry Music service is a subscription-based platform that allows users to select up to 50 individual tracks per month. These are managed online and can be organized into playlists that suit you. Once the music is selected you can choose to share playlists with your friends and that's what this new service differs from similar platforms available. If you choose to share your music with your friends is the size of your music library, a friend and share up your collection doubles from 50 to 100 tracks, three friends total 150. Each month you can choose to replace 25 of the songs in your collection, which is a great way to discover new music available.
The Blackberry Bold 9790 is the perfect device to take full advantage of the excellent service that Blackberry Music offers. The phone has a good quality screen resolution of 480 x 360 pixels can produce. This means that the cover artwork can be displayed in high quality. Excellent connectivity options also ensure that the best possible connection to the online service to get. The model is equipped with wireless LAN capabilities, which means that the device can connect to WiFi networks, even when you're on the phone to connect to a 3G network for high speed data exchange. When it comes to listening to your music, you can choose between the handsets speakers or headphones plugged into the 3.5 mm stereo jack. This bus is used to connect a universal means an almost endless choice of headphones can be used with the model.
The Blackberry Bold 9790 is an impressive phone and the attractiveness of the model is improved thanks to the six months free subscription to the BlackBerry Music. This new service allows you to set a good music experience and enjoy one of the major smartphone is currently available.


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