Apple iPhone 4 Is A Great Showcase For The AppStore

The Apple iPhone 4 has proved phenomenally popular with both innovative hardware, software and very capable. These two factors together for a great smartphone experience. Perhaps the most important factor for many users is the iPhone AppStore.
In this article I will give an overview of the AppStore, and take a look at a few best-selling apps from different categories.
As the slogan says, "There is and App for that", and for the most part, it's true. Obviously this is not to be taken literally, but you would probably need an app, chances are it has already been developed and is available to download from the AppStore. Many apps are free, while premium apps range in price from £ 0.59, up to several hundred pounds. Both entertainment apps and focusing on productivity in the workplace are available, and everything in between.
A good example of a gaming app is the best selling Angry Birds. It appears that his phenomenally popular, and recently the 500 millionth download, which I'm sure you'll agree is an incredible figure. Apple iPhone The game involves catapulting birds in order to knock down structures to kill enemies, and is operated using the touch screen to the angle and power of the catapult to adjust. It is a perfect example of how apps to integrate with the hardware, making it easy to use and intuitive, yet a fun experience.
While games are a very popular part of the AppStore, it is equally useful for those seeking productivity apps. There are a lot to offer, ranging from the organizers and document editors, so the iPhone 4 is as at home as a companion in office productivity. Apple iPhone 4 Other notable categories that highlight the versatility of the device include health and fitness, music, travel and education apps. The wide integration that Apple has worked hard to achieve all of these apps are compatible with iPhones, iPods and iPads, and thanks to the new icloud service, apps can once and then accessed via a touch screen of your Apple devices to download .
Apple iPhone 4 There are currently more than 500,000 apps available in the AppStore, and this number is growing every day. However, there is competition in this new market, with its main competitor from the Market. This is making headlines in technology circles, with an announcement that the 10 billionth app just been downloaded from Android Market. This exceeds the number of downloads from the AppStore, but one should not forget that Android is a multi-brand platform, many manufacturers use Android, ranging from HTC and Samsung Sony Ericsson and Motorola. Many Apple fans claim that the quality of the apps offered is higher in the AppStore.
Whatever your opinion or preference, I'm sure you agree that the numbers (in terms of available apps and downloads) are staggering. We should also remember that the whole concept of downloadable apps is just a few years old, so we can certainly look forward to more innovations in the near future. Apple iPhone Apps are a huge part of the attraction for many users of smartphones and the iPhone 4 is a great example of innovation and convenience they offer.


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