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Android is a mobile phone operating system developed by the search engine Google. Used on a wide range of smartphones, Android is currently the best selling mobile operating system in the world. Android is an open source operating system, allowing anyone to develop their own software (such as applications or games) to run on Android platforms. The Android OS is also used in tablet computers with the latest Android version 3.0. Although the Android OS has been in use since 2008, regular updates and support for Google Android is the leading-edge system is today.
Mobile phones with the Android operating system all have a similar set of functions provided by the operating system. The Android OS is designed to run on smart phones, phones with a variety of Java-based applications that can run the phone to give added functionality. Besides the basic phone and text / media messaging service, Android phones have a variety of web-based services and applications. Android phones are linked to Google Account by the owner, so access to Gmail and Google Calendar, and a range of other applications. Besides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Android phones provide wireless tethering - using the phone as a modem to a laptop computer connected to the Internet. All Android phones to allow for streaming video, with the latest models are able to connect to the 4G network and video conferencing with Google Talk. The most famous aspect of the Android platform, access to the Android Market. Like the Apple App Store, Android Market allows users to run applications and games for their phone, many of which are free.
The first Android phone, the G1 was released, developed by HTC and released in 2008. Runs Android 1.0, this phone has many of the features currently in Android phones, including synchronization with Google account of the user and the Android Market for downloading phone apps. Since then, many updates to the Android operating system - important updates get the name of a dessert. The latest version of Android for mobile phones Android 2.3.4, gingerbread. Designed for use on 4G phones with better performance and speed, Gingerbread improves video playback and support for front-facing camera for video conferencing.
The Android operating system allows phones to be produced by many manufacturers. With the current generation of 4G phones, the leading manufacturers are Motorola and Samsung. Motorola is the creator of the Droid line of phones - a series that were popular by their availability with Verizon service in the United States. The Droid X2, the latest model in the Droid series, with a multi-touch interface, 8 GB of memory along with an 8 GB micro SD card for storage, and an 8 megapixel camera with built-in video recorder. Samsung is the other major producer of Android phones and have worked with Google on the Nexus S. The Nexus was the first phone with the new Gingerbread operating system to use and includes a powerful processor and 512 MB of RAM. The Nexus S has 16 GB of internal memory and can access the 4G network using a Sprint service plan. Other companies like HTC to produce Android phones also, allowing consumers a wide range of choices when trying to get the best Android phone to choose their needs.


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